Driver Life Overseas Driver Talent v7.1.27.76 Green Portable

Is a drive installation software on the windows platform。Now love green soft for everyone to drive life overseas version of DriveTheLife green Hanhua version has been updated tov7.1.27.76

Driver Talent is a professional drive management software,Set-driven installation,Update,Backup,Restores,Uninstall in one body,No driver-independent functions,Born just for the drive!

驱动人生海外版v6.3.33 绿色汉化版本

Description of the app:

Drive Life Overseas Edition is open for overseas users。Inherits all the core features that drive the life Chinese version,Is a professional drive management software,Set-driven installation,Update,Backup,Restores,Uninstall in one body,No driver-independent functions,Born just for the drive! Quite pure! Drive Life Overseas installation is very simple,No additional third-party software;Open to see only three plates,These are Home (Home)、Main menu),Local (native drive)、Manage(Management、Other features)。

Drive Life Overseas Edition developed specifically for overseas users,Compared to the domestic version of pure only for the driving of the life,No too much burden。Simple and easy to use,Is the best choice as an update driver。Full English and green to no longer green drive life after overseas release,Let overseas Windows users no longer worry about download drivers,Installing a drive-by life overseas version will automatically network update drive。

Drive Life is a free drive management software,Intelligent detection of hardware and automatic finding of installation drivers,Provide users with the latest driver updates,Native-driven backup、Features such as restoring and uninstalling。Drive Life 2012 software interface clear,Easy to operate,Advantages such as setting up humanization,Greatly convenient for the vast number of computer friends to manage their own computer drivers。

Drive Life supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 2003、Windows XP、Smart hardware detection and driver upgrades under Vista and windows 7 operating systems。To ensure that online intelligence detection drives life、Upgrade function works,You need to confirm that your computer has a normal Internet connection。The computer's driver problems are automatically detected when the software is running,And can be used for driven installation、Update、One-click processing of issues such as backup。

Driving Life Supports All Brands(Such as Intel、nVidia/3DFX、AMD/ATI、VIA/S3、Realtek、C-Media、Marvell、Adi、Ibm、Creative、Broadcom、Conexant、 SigmaTel、Motherboards of Matrox, etc.)、Graphics、Sound、Card、Modem、Camera、Wireless、Printer、Scanner、Reader、Array card、Bluetooth、Tablet、Reader、Usb、1394、Bluetooth、Display、Image、MEDIA、Modem、Net、Pcmcia、SCSIAdapter、 SmartCard Reader、System、MODEM、Serial、Identification and drive of equipment such as port。

Driving life functions:
1、Stability:Perfectly matched official and brand drive,Support for a large number of branded notebooks and desktops,Make drive updates more stable;
2、Security:Use a more accurate drive recommendation mechanism,Make drive updates more professional and secure;
3、Integrity:With a complete drive database,Drivers and related software can be installed at the same time,Drive installation more complete;
4、Visibility:New interface revision,Support for skin change。
5、Practicability:Collect common software,Make software installation simple and practical;
6、Comprehensive:Adopt ingest-of-the-world hardware detection technology,More comprehensive hardware detection;
7、Fast:Rearchitecting software structures,Software start-up、Drive faster downloads,Less resource usage;
8、Simple:Support for one-click operation,It's easier and easier to solve computer-driven problems;


Update the log:

-DriveTheLife has been changed to Driver Talent。

– A whole new look – A cleaner user interface and wizard。

– Quickly detect drivers and find all driver issues。

Preferential,Includes latest version。

– Simpler option for installing peripheral drivers, including network printers, with one click。

– Internal Stop Solution:Backing up drivers,Backing up drivers,Uninstall drivers without residual files。

– Get a free activation code to activate this utility for more features。

– Provides a quick overview of your computer hardware profile。

– Customize settings with more options。


Version description:

1、Drive Life Overseas Driver Talent Pro completely exits the software after installation;

2、Copy the files in the Crack folder to the software installation directory replacement coverage to eat;


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