Analog Saving Machine God,Save Assistant v6.5.2 Pro

The Saver Assistant is an automatic simulated saver software,Includes the top hardware models of the day,Gives you a rough idea of the price of your hardware,The best configuration order can be selected based on the budget amount,You can also specify some hardware manually;Pro has a back-office management panel、Giveaway function、Warranty settings;The front desk can set the customer name、Contact the phone、Information such as notes,Easy to print configuration sheets for customers;You can also save configuration orders to the database archive;The background management panel enables the purchase price、Price.、Profit management,It's easy to edit profiles。

Original stand-alone license:It can only be used on one computer,Bind the machine code,10Yuan;Save machine assistant professional special edition,by @Mrack special,No need to pay to register,Open as Unlimited Authorized Professional:Bounces and copies can be removed、Print with a small tail,Available at the Buyer's Store、Use of studio or corporate computers,Unlimited quantity,20Yuan (original),Can be upgraded for life free of charge!

模拟攒机神器,攒机助手v6.5.2 专业版

模拟攒机神器,攒机助手v6.5.2 专业版

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v6.0 (January 11, 2015)
1.The original mouse is split into separate keyboard and mouse hardware。
2.Program font adjustment
3.Online price updates support Zhongguancun data,Taobao price updates are more accurate
4.Data import function is perfect,Some support for automatic error correction
5.Some hardware supports custom factors
6.Other improvements with BUG fixes distinguished from the free version number

Saver Assistant Pro v6.5.2.0 Green Special Edition Download Address: Access code 77b1 Access code 59h4

Warm tips:
1、The XP system needs to install the NET Framework 3.5 runtime,A good version is available below
2、Document saving and printing requires the full version of Office 2003 or 2007 or 2013 to be installed
3、Print templates you can edit and modify yourself,Add an agreement for your PC store、Instructions, etc。 NET Framework 3.5

Lite、Offline installation is supported,There is no need to download the language pack online,No long wait。

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