Speccy Pro v1.30 Green Special Edition and Single File

Speccy is a free hardware detection tool for systems introduced by Speccy by Pirifom.,Detect all hardware-detailed statistics on your computer.,Includes CPU.、Motherboard、Memory、Graphics、Hard disk、optical drive, etc.。through it.,Gives you a thorough understanding of your computer hardware.。Practical gadgets like Speccy.,Small size,It's not a big take-up of resources.,Personal advice computer can be a must-have one.。If you want to learn more about the various parts of your computer.,AIDA64 is undoubtedly the most professional and powerful in this regard.,You should be able to consider options!

Speccy Pro 1.29 绿色特别版及单文件

New version changes

2016.11.16 v1.30.
Improved Windows. 10 Anniversary Edition compatibility.
Updated support for latest Intel Kaby Lake processors.
Improved 64-bit build architecture.
Improved localisation support.
Minor GUI ups.
Minor bug fixes

About this special edition and single file.

By zd423.

- No serial number registration.,Integrate the license key.,Start-up is Pro.
- Fully localized Chinese Simplified official Chinese languages.,No additional language modules are required.,and correct some translations.
- Green portability.,All configurations are saved in Speccy.ini.,You need to save the INI file in the registry.
- Resize the interface.,Make it more beautiful.,and remove the "Check for updates..." in the lower right corner.
- Go to the Language and Update items in the option settings.,and reduce the size to make it more beautiful.
- Single file packaging is optional.、The automatic identification system runs 32.、64Bit,Save settings!

Speccy Pro v 1.30 Pro Green Special Edition and Single File.

http://www.http://pan.baidu.com/s/1hqFaPlq. Access code sqqn.


Speccy v 1.30.730 Official Free Edition Installation Edition. + Portable version.

All software license key generators of Pirifom Pear Subsidiary.

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