Android CPU Detection CPU-Z v1.33 Paid Pro

CPU-Z is an application on Android platform to detect CPU information on mobile phones。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the Android version of CPU-Z paid professional version has been updatedv1.33

CPU-Z,Well-known CPU detection software、Old CPU parameters to view artifacts! The most authoritative processor and related system information identification tool。

Android版CPU-Z v1.19去广告汉化版

Description of the app:

CPU-Z is a well-known CPU detection artifact in the PC field! The Android CPU-Z version is different from the desktop PC version,It not only provides CPU information,Rich graphics are also available、System、Battery、Sensors, etc,You can show the model of the processor、Frequency.、Kernel schema、Process,The load condition of the CPU、Screen resolution.、RAM memory and memory load conditions,Make your phone information transparent!

Android CPU-Z,Small size,The interface is simple.,It's completely free.,The soC model can be detected、Architecture and clock frequency for each core,There is also system information,Includes mobile phone make and model,Screen resolution.,The model of the GPU,Ram,Rom.,Battery information,Sensors and other details。

Popular CPU recognition tool,Android version for PC,CPU-Z is a free app,Report information about the device。

– The name of the SoC (on-chip system).,架构,The clock speed is per core;
– System information:The device's make-up model,Screen resolution.,Memory,Store;
– Battery information:Grade.,State,Temperature,Capacity;
– Sensor.。

– Android 2.2 and above (versions 1.03 and plus)

– INTERNET licensing,online verification (see notes below for more detailed verification procedures)

Online verification (version 1.04 and plus)
Verify that the hardware specifications that allow you to store your Android device are in the database。After confirmation,The program will open your verification URL to your current Internet browser。If you enter your email address (optional),Email with your verification link will be sent to you as a reminder。

Set up the screen and debug (versions 1.03 and plus)
If CPU-Z is abnormally turned off (bug in case),The settings screen appears the next time you run。You can use this screen to remove the application's primary feature detection,and make it run。

Error reporting
Bugs in the case,Please open the application menu.,Then select Send debug-related information to send the report by email


Update the log:

– Qualcomm Snapdragon 665.
– Google PLay service version.
– API level 28.


Version description:

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2、This app has no ads


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