CPU Detection CPU-Z v1.91 Green Portable Version

CPU-Z is a free software.,You can collect information about some of the major devices in your system.:The processor name and number.,Code.,Process.,Package.,The cache level.。Motherboards and chipsets.。The type of memory.,Size,Timing and Module Specifications (SPD)。Measure the internal frequency of each core in real time.,Memory frequency.。Love Green Soft

CPU-Z v1.77 简体中文版绿色便携版本

Description of the app:

CPU-Z is the most authoritative processor and related system information recognition tool.。Small size,The interface is simple.、Start quickly.,The CPU can be accurately detected.、Motherboard、Memory、Graphics、Hardware information such as SPD.,Contains the name of the manufacturer and processor.,Core construction and encapsulation technology.,Internal.、External frequency.,Maximum overclocking speed detection.,You can also find the set of instructions that can be used for processor-related use.。Use it to see which brand.、Internal frequency.、Data that players such as Cache often refer to.,Also includes SnoopSelf.、Information and data that experts such as CMOVccInstruction can only understand.。

It mainly has the following features.:
1.Identify the type and name of the processor.。
2.Detects the core frequency of the CPU and the octave index.。
3.Probes the core voltage of the processor.。
4.Overclocking possibilities probe (indicates whether the CPU is overclocked.),But it's not necessarily true)。
5.The set of instructions supported by the probe processor.。
6.Probe processor one.、Second-level cache information.,Includes the cache location.、Size、speed, etc.。
7.Probe part of the motherboard information.,Includes bioS categories.、The chipset type.、Memory capacity.、AGP interface information, etc.。


Update the log:

1.89 - May. 2019
- Prin ZX-5000 and ZX-6000 processors families support..
AMD APU Ryzen Picasso detection fix..


Version description:

Green Portable Edition


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