AS SSD Benchmark is an SSD SSD test tool,Testable performance of SSDs。The tool contains six comprehensive and three replication tests。Comprehensive testing determines the order and random read/write performance of SSDs,These tests do not use the cache of the operating system。Sequential tests can be tested 1 GB file read and write time。4K test,Randomly test 4K block read and write performance。4K-64 Thread Test,Unlike 4K tests, use 64 read and write tests by threads,This test is the difference between the SSD Native Command Queue (NCQ) and the IDE pattern,NCQ and AHCI modes are not supported。Additional compression tests test SSD's data compression performance,This is specially designed for the controller,Use compression to improve the performance and life of the storage unit,Very important!


In the first three comprehensive and compression tests,The size of the test file is 1GB。Test sSD access time,Determines access time to read sSD (full) full capacity。Write access test using a 1GB test file。Build a read at the end of the test、Three values for write and overall performance。Compression test results are displayed graphically,X-axis represents compressibleness of data (0% - uncompressed),100% - Fully compressible);Y-axis represents data transfer rate。In addition,,Test values can be expressed in MB bytes per second and IO oms per second (iops)。

Copy test:
Create the following test folder in the replication test (menu - tool - replication baseline):ISO (two large files)、Programs and games。All three folders are copied using the operating system's replication commands,This test enables caching,Read and write performance of SSDs is displayed in real time,The result depends on the Windows operating system you are using。

Compression test:
Test speed depends on the compressability of reading and writing data。This test is targeted to populate random data 0,Data. 0 it's easy to compress.,And other random data is almost incompressible.。

AS SSD Benchmark v1.9.5986.35387 Hanhua Access code 7386 Access code 949d

Note,V1.9 no longer supports WinXP,Only systems above Win7 are supported

The tool native single execution file,Hanhua version from the @th_sjy hand!

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