The decompression software WinRAR v5.91 Official edition Chinese Simplified Special Edition.

WinRAR is a well-known compression decompression software.。WinRAR is a popular compressed file manager,It provides full support for RAR and ZIP files,Can unzip ARJ、CAB、LZH、Ace、TAR、GZ、UUE、BZ2、Jar、ISO format file。Love Green Soft

WinRAR v5.40 正式版烈火汉化特别版

Description of the app:

WinRAR.,Computer essential decompression software.。WinRAR is the world's most popular compressed file manager.,It provides mainstream support for RAR and ZIP files.,Support for decompression CAB.、ARJ、LZH、TAR、GZ、Ace、UUE、BZ2、Jar、ISO and many other types of compressed files.,Supports mouse drag and drop and shell expansion.,Software resources are used relatively little.,It also features fixed compression.、Multimedia compression and multi-volume self-release compression.。

1、Higher compression rates.
WinRAR has always had this advantage in the DOS era.,After many tests proved.,WinRAR's RAR format is typically 10% to 30% more compressed than other ZIP formats.,In particular, it also offers a choice.、Compression algorithm for multimedia data.。

2、The setup project is perfect.,And the interface can be customized.
Start WinRAR by starting the program group that starts the menu.,Select Settings under the Options selection in its main interface to open the settings window.,Divided into regular.、Compression、Path、A list of files.、The viewer.、Combined six categories.,Very rich.,By modifying them.,WinRAR can be used better.。Actual combat.:If you have both compression software and WinRAR installed.,The association of ZIP files is often confusing.,Usually we just need to go into the settings window.,Select the "Comprehensive" label.,Tick the ZIP one in the "WinRAR Associated Files" column.,Once OK, you can associate the ZIP file with WinRAR.,Conversely, if you remove the tick.,WinRAR automatically modifies the registry to reassociate THE ZIP with this compression software.。

3、Zip format scant and can unzip compression packages in multiple formats.
Although other software can support ARJ.、LHA and other formats.,However, a DOS version of the external corresponding software is required.,It's really limited in functionality.。But WinRAR is different.,Not only can most compression formats be decompressed.,Compressed files in ZIP format can be established directly without the support of an external program.,So we don't have to worry about how we're going to handle ZIP format without other software.。

4、There is a unique high compression algorithm for multimedia files.
WinRAR to WAV.、BMP sound and image files can greatly improve compression with unique multimedia compression algorithms.,Although we can make WAV.、BMP file sits into MP3. Formats such as JPG save storage space.,But don't forget that WinRAR's compression is standard lossless compression.。

5、The compression package can be locked.
Double-click into the compressed package using WinRAR.,Clicking Lock The Compression Package under the command menu prevents artificial additions.、Delete, etc.,Keep the compressed package in its original state.。

6、You can view the compression package information without unziping it.
Use WinRAR.,Select Chinese click on the information to view the compressed package information.。

7、The ability to repair damaged compressed files is extremely strong.
ZIP downloaded online.、RAR files cannot be opened due to head damage.,And after being transferred with WinRAR.,You can easily fix it by simply clicking the Repair button in the interface.,The success rate is very high.。

8、Accessibility settings are detailed.
WinRAR can delete the target disk file before you set the compression in the Backup tab of the compressed window.;You can evaluate the compression by clicking the Estimate button before compression.;You can annotate the compressed package.;You can set the anti-damage function of the compression package.,And so on the nuances can also see WinRAR thoughtful.。

9、The compressed package can look at the hidden files.
Are you still worried about the Autorun virus? Winrar provides perspective.。The files that hide the properties at a glance.。


Update the log:


New icon logos and themes since v5.50.,Oversized toolbar button.;
Rar5 compression format is the main compression format by default since v5.50.;


Version description:

* The English version is the master. + Zhou Mingbo version of the official Chinese Simplified upgrade., And made some modifications.;
* Integrate Real key.,Once installed, it is a registered version.;
* Ignoring file lock. (Locked RAR files can be edited., Easy to modify comments.、Add or remove files.!);
* Hanhua command line version RAR. EXE and UnRAR.exe.;
* Modify Explorer right-click to see that the RAR comment font is The No. 9.;
* 7-The Zip plug-in is replaced with the latest version.;


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