BT Client uTorrent pro v3.5.5.45311 Green Portable

uTorrent is a small and powerful BT download tool on the Windows platform。Love Green Soft for everyone to bring the uTorrent pro green portable version has been updated to v3.5.5.45311

uTorrent pro is a very small BT client program,Have common features,But uDP connection protocols are not supported。The download speed of the intranet also has a good performance,The extranet is not to mention. Support multitasking and simultaneous downloading,Supports setting file download priorities,You can adjust the bandwidth you consume based on scheduled tasks,Speed limit for global/single tasks,Fast break-point continuity mechanism,UPnP support,Support for popular BT extension protocols,Support for user source switching,Support for DHT,Minimum memory footprint of only 6MB.

Application instructions:

Torrent is a popular seed download software abroad.,High penetration abroad。Torrent is the world's most popular BT client,It is also the world's smallest BT client。Most of the features of other BT clients are set in one,So get everyone's favor.。Features include:Bandwidth optimization、Task schedule、RSS auto-download and mainstream DHT (bitComet compatible)。In addition,,STorrent also supports protocol encryption federation specifications (with Azureus2.4.0.0 and later、BitComet 0.63 and later compatible) and user exchange。Other than that,In addition to being able to download seed files, sTorrent,You can also make seeds.,This feature is also very practical.。

BT Download Elegance、Efficient

  • Advanced customization
  • Built for BT experts
  • Quick download

Save resources
We are committed to developing efficient software,So launch of Torrent。Unlike most Torrent clients,STorrent does not consume a lot of valuable system resources - it typically uses less than 6MB of memory,Makes your computer completely unaware of its existence。In addition,,The executable itself is not large enough 220 Kb。

Choose skin and localized languages
Available in a variety of optional icons、Toolbar graphics and status icons,Makes it easy for you to complete your skin scheme。STorrent also supports language localization,Available through the built-in language files,Automatic conversion of interface languages based on your system language。If your language is not provided in the file,You can easily add it yourself,Or edit other existing translations,Improve it!

Actively develop and improve products
The development team puts a lot of time and effort into it,Constantly improve the product function,and make it easier for users to operate。Product launch to ensure quality as the only prerequisite,Not centered on a release plan,As a result, our products rarely make mistakes.,And once the error is found,,can be quickly repaired。


Update the log:

Fix broken string in the failed update fail fail fail dialog
- Fix vlc player crash when vlc is not initialed properly
- Fix when crash lingto pro and .btinstalls install


Version description:(

# Go to all ads and upgrade to pro zone,Integrate key files into the door,Launch as ad-free Pro Pro;
# Added a number of Torrent Torrent Tracker servers,After making BT seeds, others download very quickly!
# Prohibit version detection updates,Blocking software catalog generation update,Block download apps app recommendations;
# Clean profile set up,Default does not start on,Do not associate files,Don't show the list of devices;Diffuse


Download address:



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