Local file search tool Everything v1.4.1.961 Portable Edition

Everything is a file search tool for a very powerful Windows platform developed by Voidtools,Love Green Soft ilvruan.com brings A. v1.4.1.961

Everything consumes very little system resources during the indexing process,Track file changes in real time,And you can also share searches via http or ftp。This release integrates 32-bit and 64-bit automatic ally to determine the operating system releases corresponding bit-width files,The default is shown as Chinese,Associate right-click menu to Explorer。Love Green Soft

Application instructions:


Find files and folders by name now。

What is "Everything"?
"Everything" is a search engine.,You can locate files and folders immediately through a file named Windows。

Unlike Windows Search,"Everything" initially displays each file and folder on the computer (hence the name "Everything")。

You type a search filter to limit the files and folders that are displayed。

How long does it take to index my files?
"Everything" indexes only file and folder names,It usually takes a few seconds to build its database。

Newly installed Windows 10 (approximately 120,000 files) will take approximately 1 second of the index。

1,000,000The file takes about 1 minute.。

Does Everything search for file content?
Yes,"Everything" can use content to search for file content:Search features。

The contents of the file are not indexed,Search for content is slow。

Will "Everything" take up my system resources?
No,"Everything" uses very few system resources。

Newly installed Windows 10 (approximately 120,000 files) will use approximately 14 MB of RAM and less than 9 MB of disk space。

1,000,000The file will use approximately 75 MB of RAM and 45 MB of disk space。

Does "Everything" monitor file system changes?
Yes,"Everything" does monitor file system changes。

Your search window will reflect changes made to the file system。

Is "Everything" free?
Yes,"Everything" is free software.。


Update the log:


fixed an with with really long filenames

fixed an when when edd or r-sing an “include only” exclude.

fixed an with with the missing changes to the files.


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