Avast Clear 12.3.3149.0_Avast Unloading Tool

avast is a well-known foreign free anti-virus software,Not so long ago,,It released the latest 6.0 beta,虽然还没有看到正式版但是我们从中也看到了这个顶级杀软的新变化在avast 6中加入了沙箱和网站评级插件,And the installation package is 20% smaller.,If you want to download the old version because of this,,So here's how to uninstall。


Avast Clear 12.3.3149.0 Released。
Avast Uninstall utility已经改名为Avast Clear

打开控制面板点击添加或删除程序找到avast 后就可以卸载它了


Avast Clear 12.3.3149.0_Avast卸载工具
1、下载avast的卸载工具Avast ClearAvast Uninstall utility保存到电脑上这个工具非常小只有6M
2、Avast Clear会建议你进入安全模式卸载,Restart the computer by following the steps,开机后按住F8进入安全模式
3、Open avast's uninstall tool,选择avast的安装文件夹点击“uninstall”就可以清除了
4、Restart your computer。


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