Avast Clear 12.3.3149.0-Avast Uninstall Tool

avast is a well-known foreign free anti-virus software,Not so long ago,,It released the latest 6.0 beta,Although we haven't seen the official version yet,,But we've also seen a new change in this top-of-the-line kill soft.,In avast 6,Added sandbox and website rating plug-ins,And the installation package is 20% smaller.,If you want to download the old version because of this,,So here's how to uninstall。


Avast Clear 12.3.3149.0 Released。
Avast Uninstall utility has been renamed Avast Clear。

General uninstall method:
Open the control panel,Click to add or remove the program,Once you find avast, you can uninstall it.。


Avast Clear 12.3.3149.0_Avast卸载工具
If you can't use the steps above to properly uninstall avast ,Or uninstall and install other anti-virus software when you prompt the computer has avast,Then you can use avast special removal tool。
1、Download Avast's uninstall tool Avast ClearAvast Uninstall utility,Save to your COMPUTER。This tool is very small.,Only 6M。
2、Avast Clear will advise you to go into safe mode to uninstall,Restart the computer by following the steps,Press and hold F8 into safe mode after powering on。
3、Open avast's uninstall tool,Select avast's installation folder,Click on "uninstall" to clear。
4、Restart your computer。
Currently this uninstall tool should be able to uninstall any residual files of avast products,Whether it's free,pro version,Or the Internet suite can use this tool to completely uninstall clean。


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