360Extremely fast Browser v11.0.2052.0 Green Portable Edition

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360Extremely fast browser is a browser for Windows platform。Now love Green soft for everyone to bring the 360 speed browser green streamlined optimization version has been updated to V11.0.2052.0
360Extremely fast browser based on chromium open source project suitable for domestic speed browser,360Extremely fast browser compatible with some plug-in apps in Chrome's official store,But it also takes the App store itself.,Fewer store plugins。The 360-speed browser kernel version has now been upgraded to Chrome's latest kernel。
Application Instructions:
The same speed as the wind.
With the world's fastest browser kernel,Web page opens like Lightning。
Seamless dual-core engine
Seamless, smooth dual-core switching,Online shopping、Seconds to kill fast and smooth。
Web Site Cloud Security
Automatic interception of fraud、Trojan Horse website,Internet security is more reassuring。
Rich Extensions
A wide selection of feature extensions for you,Meet your various functional needs。

Update log:

2019Updated April 26 (11.0.2052.0):New
1、Easy-to-use screenshot function
2、Add instructions for adding search engines
3、Fix an incomplete problem with saving pictures displayed in Phone mode
4、Fix jisu7 skin and wallpapers when loading Web pages,Tab no animation issues
5、Fix an issue where some web videos can't adjust the volume
6、Fix an issue where a virtual keyboard appears using a browser on the touchscreen


Release description:(@ Love Green soft)

Based on the official original,Portable packaging,Without any modifications

If you want to run Flash, please use this site to provide theAdobe Flash Player AX/NP/PP v32.0.0.171 Special Unlock Area edition


Download Address:

City Pass:Https://ilvruan.ctfile.com/dir/884953-31894003-8fe467/


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