Bulk Rename Advanced Renamed Advanced Renamed V3.83 Green Special Portable Edition

Advanced Renamer is a batch rename software under the Windows platform。Love Green Soft ilvruan.com brings bulk renaming of Advanced Renamer Green Special Portable V3.83。It is renamed through Windows batch files。


Application instructions:

Advanced Renamer is a program for renaming multiple files and folders at once。Rename method by configuring,Names can be manipulated in various ways。

It's easy to set up batch jobs using multiple methods on a large number of files。Through 14 different methods,You can change the name of a file at once,Property and timestamps。You can also copy or move files to a new location based on the information in the file。

Using Advanced Renamer,You can add,Delete,Replace,Change the case or give the file a new name based on known information about the file to build a new file name。

Before you take an action on a file,You can verify that the output is correct,If you perform a rename and regret,You can undo the entire batch。

Image files
This massive file renamer is a good utility,Digital images for professionals and beginners。Thumbnail mode allows you to display thumbnails directly in the list of files,To maximize control over the renaming process。Use this program,You can quickly rename all your photos。

GPS data
If your image file contains GPS data,You can add a city name and the country where the photo was taken。Coordinates are used to find cities from databases containing more than 100,000 cities worldwide,Country and state name。

Music files
MP3 and other music files often confuse names and contain strange characters。Using Advanced Renamer,You can use the built-in ID3 feature to change the name of your favorite music files to a more appropriate name。

Video file
Ever want edcper or video resolution added to a file name? Use video tags,You can add various information about video and audio content to your name。

After importing program information from tvmaze.com,Add an episode title or broadcast date to a video file that contains a TV show。


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