Android Expense Plan Manage Money Lover v4.1.22.2020080310 Pay Unlock Pro Special Edition.

Money Lover is an expense plan management app on the Android platform.。Money Lover is as named as it is,Money lovers。It can help you manage money,And the Money Lover interface is beautiful and convenient.,is a rare personal financial software.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Want to learn to manage money? Want to make ends meet? Want to manage your personal finances with tools?

Money Lover is your most trusted tool.。Follow the Google Material Design design.,Beautiful and convenient.,You don't need to add any desktop components to book to any wallet at the touch of a button.,It is the best personal finance software.。Whether you want to manage your expenses.、Make a budget.,Or track the bill.,Money Lover will help you and your family manage money more securely in a better way.。

Money Lover seamlessly supports platforms.,Make it easy for you to manage your financial problems.。

Learn why it's a must-have tool for more than two million people to solve their financial problems.。

Anytime,Feel free to use.。

The number one Financial Manager app on Android since 2011.
.✔ award-winning app.
★ the best apps in the 2017 app.。
★ Top Google developer.。
★ editorial choices since 2016.。

Get money lovers today.,Control your finances like your boss.。

Key features:
✔ money manager.:Track your day-to-day expenses.,revenue and inclusion in the category.。
✔ budgeting.:Plans and budgets are never overspent.,Save more money through the application envelope system.。
✔ report.:The financial report gives you an overview of your expenses.,Income by date or group.。
✔ security.:Encrypted data via RSA-1024 bits.。The PIN code is supported.,Fingerprint unlocked.。
✔ a credit wallet.:Designed to manage credit cards and notify payments.。
✔ linked wallet.:Automatic bank deposits.。From a bank account.,Wallet and encrypted wallet updates.。

Attention:We support 17 countries.。Go to the connection bank and check availability.。

Other features:
1。Debt and loan trackers.
2.Home gadgets and quick add buttons.
3.Scan and store paper receipts.
4.Back up and sync online.
5.Currency exchange.
6.Tips and interest calculators.
7.SMS detector.
8.Repeat the trade.
9.Support for multiple currencies
10.Share your wallet.
11.Sync between devices.
12.Save your wallet.
13.Events and travel modes.
14.Bill of Lading reminder.。
15.More 130 free icons.
16.Trading labels.

Upgrade to PREMIUM to support us and have more power.
✔ an unlimited budget.,Savings.,Wallet,Activities。
✔ exported to CSV.,
Excel ✔ picture attachments.
✔ no ads.

It's loved by the media.:
✔ independent.:Best Personal Finance App.
✔ Techuntold.:The best budget app for Android.
✔ AppListo.:Top 10 apps for Expense Tracker.
✔ Bluestacks.:There must be a budget application.。

Clarification of access rights.:
– Internet access is used to synchronize data and obtain currency exchange rates.。
– Social information (reading contacts) is used to suggest who to work with to tag your people in your contact list.。
– Your location is used to identify your trading location.。
– Storage (modifying or deleting content on USB memory) is used to create backup data and store it in USB memory.。
– Access system tools are used to add home screen shortcuts and widgets.。


Update the log:

Crash issue in previous sandandon.
The expense bug with budget feature and date bug with widget.
Font error with CSV export.


Version description:

1、Unlock pro paid features

2、You can use all ICON icons.


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SVIP Members Exclusive

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