Android File Manager MiXplorer Silver v6.46.1-Silver Paid Special Edition

MiXplorer Silver is a useful file manager on android。MiXplorer Silver is a powerful and useful file manager、Or an app integration package,Includes MiXplorer File Manager and its Archiver, SMB2 plug-ins and Tagger。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

MiX Silver is an application integration package,Includes MiXplorer File Manager and its Archiver, SMB2 plug-ins and Tagger。

FAQ, Skin

Explore on your own is certainly the best way。But still attach the highlight feature here:
– Easy custom theme,Feel free to choose a color;
– Configure the folder view style independently;
– Operator interface element arrangement、Be relaxed;
– Advanced search operations;
– Samba (SMB1, SMB2.0/2.1), Ftp, SFTP, WEBDAV SUPPORT。
– HTML Viewer,Support for MHT, Markdown, AXml, Chm, MAFF…
– Create a copy with ease、Parallel processing of tasks such as mobility;
– Unlimited number of multi-label browsing,Horizontal "double panel" mode,More file drag-and-drop support;
– Sidebar bookmark display,Comes with preset file classification;
– Unzip AR, ARJ, CAB, Chm, CPIO, CramFS, Dmg, EXT, FAT, Gpt, HFS, IHEX, Iso, LZH, LZMA, Mbr, Msi, NSIS, Ntfs, QCOW2, RAR/RAR5, Rpm, SquashFS, Udf, UEFI, VDI, VHD, VMDK, XAR, Z;
– Root permission support;
– Font browser;
– Profile import/export;
– Compression/unzip 7z, Zip/Zip64 volume encryption, TAR, TAR. GZ, TAR. BZ2, Gzip, BZIP2, XZ, WIM, Lizard, LZ4, LZ5, Zstandard;
– In-app access to cloud storage,Support for more than 20 Home Service Providers:,, Dropbox, Box, Yandex, HiDrive, Baidu Net, Amazon CloudDrive, Mediafire, IDrive, Hubic, 4Sync, 4Shared, Google Drive, Meo, OneDrive, OneDrive Business, pCloud, SugarSync, Backblaze, Sina Microdisk
It also supports the of the class webdav, OwnCloud,, DriveHQ, CloudMe, CloudSafe…
– Modify the zip file;
– EPub, Mobi and PDF readers.
– Professional text/code editor;
– Media Player + VLC Coding Plug-in;
– Encrypting the file system (EncFS) Full storage support;
– Files are decrypted in Aescrypt format;
– Image Browser,Support for GIFs, Svg, Tga, ICO…
– Built-in FTP/HTTP server + TCP 服务器(用于接收由其它使用 MiX 的设备发送的文件);


Update the log:

– Added an experimental Home page. ‘Reset Defaults’ from the bookmarks menu.
– Added an option to set your favorite skin as Night Mode skin. Tap on the Pencil icon for skin + Enable ‘Nigh mode’.
– Removed Delete confirm dialog if ‘Undo’ is enabled and moving to recycle bin is supported for the storage.
– Added ‘Playlist’ in the Player menu.
– Some fixes and tiny improvements.


Version description:

1、Unlock the paid feature

2、提供以下插件功能安装包Add-on Plugins:

MiX Archive v3.5 | MiX AutoTag v1.0 | MiX Codecs v2.1 | MiX Image v2.5 | MiX Metadata v1.10 | MiX PDF v1.8 | MiX Signer v1.2 | MiX SMB v1.17 | MiX Tagger v1.11


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