Explorer Q-Dir V7.7.9 Green Portable

Q-Dir is an explorer,Now love green soft for everyone to bring the explorer Q-Dir green portable special edition has been updated V7.7.9

Q-Dir is a very unique resource manager.,Q-Dir is ideal for frequent jumps between directories to copy and paste,Because.,Q-Dir has 4 windows(You can also switch)! Each window can easily switch directories,Distinguish between different types of files in different colors,Each window can easily drag and drop files on top of each other。

Description of the app:

Quad Explorer makes your files and folders easy to manage,Whether it's an installation or a portable Windows program。
Quick and easy access to your hard drive,The network folder,USB stick.,Floppy disks and other storage devices。
Q-Dir is a good alternative file manager for Windows,With stunning Quadro-View technology。
You don't have to give up your usual work habits,Drag and drop,View the type and other standard features of the current file manager。
No! Q-Dir gives you extra useful features,Make you happy。Save time by reducing mouse clicks and hand movements。Q-Dir does not need to be installed,It can be easily executed from anywhere,For example, the desktop,It can also be carried on a small USB stick or other storage device。
Q-Dir's file management is based on MS Windows Explorer,But more than 4 times the Explorer View tab has more features! More and more data makes you face greater file management challenges on the Windows operating system。
Q-Dir allows you to save folder combinations as favorites,Open at any time。Your favorite folder combination can hold up to 64,Because each of the four windows is labeled (i.e. 4 x 16 labels 4 x Tree View plus 4 x address bar)。


Favorites:Quick access to the most commonly used folders。
Preview the filter settings: …Change the preview filter settings?
Drag and drop:Move files by dragging Q-views and other Explorers。
Clipboard.: Copy/paste between Q view and other explorers。
The folder type: Zip, Ftp,Cabinet,Internet,The system folder,Shortcut……
View.:Large icon,Tiles.,List,Details.,Thumbnail (Vista:Oversized symbols)。
Export:to XLS,Csv,Txt,Html。
Pop-up menu.:Desktop,My computer.。
Screen magnifying glass:Zoom in on anything on the screen。
The color filter: Different colors for different project types, such as .log; * .txt)。
Highlight filtering:Highlight the file by extension type。
File filtering:Allows files to be filtered quickly and easily。
Column.:Edit and save the displayed columns。
Quick links:Used for quick access to folders。
The folder is selected:Quick and flexible folder selection address bar/desktop menu/my computer menu/ …
DoINI: Q-Dir saves the settings to multiple INI files。
Quadro-View technology: Quad-Pumped x 16 Tabs,( – :quad core + :-)。
Tree view: Single and four people。
Preview:Allows for quick previews。
Portable.:Start with v2.77,Q-Dir is portable。
Printing.:List from v3.77,More information……
The folder size column:From the v3.83 file and folder size column。
Set up the transfer:Improve the transfer of folder and view settings from v3.83。
Faster editing:Edit or rename files faster from v3.86。
File association:From v3.91 internal file association rules。
Tree view:Expand the folder automatically。
And more.…….. ;)


Update the log:


Bug Fix:When the four-dollar browser is closed,q-dir will disappear unnecessarily in the "to" tray area!
Again.,Update the language file
Small adjustments in a Quad Explorer installation


Version description:(Walk.)White.Moonlight)

Green Portable Edition


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