PDF Reading Tool PDF-XChange Editor Plus v8.0.339.0 Chinese Portable Enhanced

PDF-XChange Editor Plus is a PDF reading tool on windows platform。PDF-XChange Editor is an enhanced version of the famous PDF reading tool PDF-XChange、It's also a minimal,Fastest,The most versatile PDF editing and reading tools,Focus on the editing capabilities of PDF electronic documents,Small size,Fast.,Interface friendly,A wide range of configuration and feature options,And it's very simple and easy to use.! Helps you quickly produce and write PDF electronic documents!Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

PDF-XChange Editor
Minimum,Fastest,The most feature-rich free PDF audience/editor on the market。
Create,View,Edit,Comments,OCR and digitally signed PDF files – It's just the beginning.。More about the main features of PDF-XChange Editor,See below 。
The PDF-Xchange Lite virtual printer is also included in the product without increasing cost。
More than 60% of the features in PDF-XChange Editor are not required to use without a license。If you use it without a license,Then the rest of the features that are clearly identified will place a "trial" watermark on the output。
PDF-XChange Editor Plus includes additional features for creating and editing fillable forms and creating customizable dynamic stamps。

Dynamic。Efficient。Gain productivity。Get the PDF-XChange editor。

Simply put,:Minimum,Fastest,The most versatile PDF software。Create,View,Edit,Comments,OCR and signed PDF files – It's just the beginning.。If you use PDF,So this fully customizable product will optimize your workflow,Reach a level that other products can't reach。

PDF-XChange Editor can be used from scanned documents,Image,Text file,Create PDF files for Markdown files, etc.。This software can also be used to convert Microsoft Office documents to PDFs ** – Features that many PDF applications do not offer。More than a hundred features are available,Includes more than 30 tools,Can be used to assist in creating document comments,Comments and links。These tools make editing PDFs an accurate process of fine tuning,Produces the highest quality documents and image files。Diversity of our user-friendly features,Enough to meet the needs of all practitioners, from beginners to professionals。A detailed list of all available features,See below。
* OCR process recognizes text in a document,并使用它来创建放置在现有文本之上的不可见文本图层。


Update the log:

Enhance Scans: added the possibility to avoid recompressing existing images when only Deskew is used.
A reported error or bug was fixedEditor
Fixed a possible crash in the Quick Launch control when long strings are used.
A reported error or bug was fixedEditor
Fixed an issue with the “Measurment Info” window when non-English localization is used.
A reported error or bug was fixedEditor
Added a workaround for issues with line widths in HP PCL6 drivers.
A reported error or bug was fixedEditor Plugins
Fixed an issue with file dates in the Google Drive plugin.
A reported error or bug was fixedEditor
Compatibility with the NetEase Youdao Dictionary.
A reported error or bug was fixedEditor
Enhanced OCR: applied some fixes and improvements to recognized text positioning.
A reported error or bug was fixedEditor
Default OCR: solved an issue tha ding and fixing yr an snr (90/180SCW/CCW). (T # 4733)
A reported error or bug was fixedEditor ActiveX SDK
Fixed a cat a crash is a reality to use the Editor's ActiveX control in the context of MFC-apps.


Version description:(@roustar31)

Made based on the official version,Remove meaningless Latin OCR
Install with the official msi,And the Chinese installation interface contains 32-bit and 64-bit versions,Auto-correspondence
Master string that officially does not hanen,6 components such as PDF components to improve Hanhua (2019.04.30 update)
The official complete absence of Chinese-made printer components、Right-click extension component Hanhua (2019.04.30 update)
Delete languages other than simplified/Chinese Traditional,Reduced size (2019.04.30 update)

Portable version without 32-bit version、No printer components,The installation is available in the 32 plus 64-bit version、Complete components。


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