Android All-In-One Calculator v2.4.3 Pro

All-In-One Calculator is a versatile calculator on android.。All-In-One Calculator Pro, the All-In-One Calculator, which loves Green Soft has been updated.v2.4.3.

All-In-One Calculator features more than 150 calculators and unit converters, Built-in highly customized scientific calculator.,It can even allow you to create your own calculators and converters., CalcKit is your dream all-in-one calculator.。

Description of the app:

Meet CalcKit., Powerful all-in-one calculator collection on Android.。

Features over 150 calculators and unit converters., Built-in highly customized scientific calculator.,It can even allow you to create your own calculators and converters., CalcKit is your dream all-in-one calculator.。

These features are designed with intuitive and compelling design., That makes Calkit a standout among its competitors.。

In addition to meeting daily use., CalcKit is also available for most professions.。If you are a scholar.、Students、Teachers、Construction workers.、A handyman or engineer.,What you might need is a one-in-one calculator.,Try CalcKit.。

CalcKit feature.
Create custom tools with up to 25 variables.
More than 150 calculators and unit converters.
Highly customized science. & RPN.(Reverse Polish representation.)Calculator
Add shortcuts to your home screen for quick access.
Fully editable calculator history.
Day time.&Night Calculator theme.
Hover calculator widget.
Mathematical expressions support input forms.
Instant results.
Integrated search.
Integrated notebook.
160 currencies are supported.,It can be used offline.

Chinese(Simplified)、English、French、German、Greek、Italian、FYRO Macedonian、Russian、Serbian、Turkish

List of calculators and converters.

Two-dimensional geometry.
Triangle、A positive triangle.、Square.、Rectangular、 Parallelogram.、Rhombic.、Trapezoidal.、So-waist ladder.、Hexagon、Polygon.、Elliptic、Circular、Round bow and fan shape.

3D geometry.
Cube.、Cuboid.、Prism.、Tetrahedron.、Octahem.、Pyramid.、Intercepted cone.、Cone.、Flat cut-head cone.、The cylinder.、Doughnut face.、Sphere.、The crown of the ball.、Sector.、Bows and wedges.

Linear.、Quadratic equations and triple equations.
• 2。×2and 3.×3Equations

Analytic geometry.
The equation between the circle and the sphere.
Two points of spacing.
The area of the triangle.

generation mathematics.
The score is simplified.
- Prime check.
Maximum common factor/minimum common multiple.
The decimal to the score.
The factor decomposition.
Scale calculator.

Matrix calculator.
A x B.、A + B、A – B
The determinant.、Inversion.、Move the item.

Power triangles.
Ohm's Law.
NE555 timer.
Y. – Transform.
The regulator.
Battery life calculator
Electrical resistance.
The filter.
Frequency calculator.
The resistance of the wire.
The change pressure ratio.
Color code resistors.
The divider.
Op amps.
LED resistance calculator.
Simulation. – Digital conversion.
In-line/parallel components.
Color inductors.

VAT/Tax Calculator.
Tip calculator.
Currency exchange.

Common converters.
Common use.
Shoe size.
The head of the word.
Data storage.
Fuel consumption.
Roman numerals.
The angle.
- force.

Electric converter.
The charge.
Linear current density.
Surface charge density.
Surface current density.
The potential.
Electric field strength.
The current.
Static capacitors.
Linear charge density.
Body charge density.

Engineering converter.
Speed. – Angle
The moment of inertia.
than the volume.
Air flow.
Acceleration. – Angle

Fluid converter.
Surface tension.
The viscosity. – Dynamic
The viscosity. – Movement
Quality throughput density.
Traffic. – Quality.
Traffic. – Moore.
Concentration. – Moore.
Concentration. – Solution.

Heat converter.
Fuel efficiency. – Quality.
Thermal expansion.
Thermal resistance.
Temperature spacing.
Fuel efficiency. – Volume
The heat transfer coefficient.
- than the heat.
Thermal conductivity.
Thermal density.
Thermal flow density.

Light converter.
Lighting levels.

Magnetic converter.
The flux density.
Magnetic flux.
The flux potential.
Magnetic field strength.

Radiation converter.
Radiation. – The amount of exposure.
Radiation. – Radioactive
Radiation. – Absorb the dose.

Other converters.
Volume. – Dry.
Volume. – Wood.
The frequency.
The resolution of the picture.
Font layout.
Pixel density.
The sound.


Update the log:

Add Simple. & Compound Interest Calculator in Finance.
Some bug-fixes.


Version description:(@balatan)

1、Unlock premium Premium features.


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