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NT Calculator is a versatile calculator on the Android platform。现爱绿软为大家带来的多功能计算器NT Calculator付费解锁专业版已经更新到 v3.0.2

NT Calculator This versatile calculator allows you to easily handle all the calculations you need for your daily life using a single application。NT Calculator has a very simple operating interface and practical features of the calculator application! It can replace your default calculator。

Application Instructions:

This extended Calculator app allows you to easily handle all the calculations you need for everyday life with a single application。Calculator app with simple interface and utility features! It can replace your default calculator。

This calculator app does not require any permissions on your phone。It's brisk and fast.。

Use the extensive Calculator Pro on Android,You no longer need to bring a calculator。This calculator app provides you with a – Everything about Z.。

List of currently supported calculators:
1.Standard Calculator
• Fast and convenient。
• Basic Features,For example:%,+, – ,X,/,0 – 9,and。

2.Science Calculator
• All features,For example:Sin,Cos,Tan,%,!,0-9,(,),Rad and deg,Log,ln,Mod,+, – ,X,/,SQRT,SQR,Signature,.. 。
• You can use exp for e (10 ^ for Sam) to calculate large decimal numbers。If you need to get previous calculator results,You can use the ANS button。

3.Cardinality Calculator
• The concealment of everything from one thing to another is very simple。
• Base is 2,8,10,16

4.Time Calculator
• Three main functions are hours (h),Minutes (m),Seconds (s)。
• History available。You can reuse by calculating history (this feature is available in standard,Available in science and Time Calculator)。

5.Loan Calculator
• Suitable for Automotive,Bank loans
• Three main inputs are loan amounts,Interest rates,Duration of the loan。

6.Date Calculator
• Calculate the difference between two dates。
• Add and Subtract days

7.Unit Converter
Support many units of measurement commonly used in daily life,For example:
• Weight Converter:KG to St,lbs to G,lbs to kg,……
• Length Converter:Dimension Converter,M to km,……
• Speed Converter:Km / H,Cm / S,M / S,M / s to km / H,……
• Temperature Converter:C To F,F to C,C to Kelvin,……
• Angle Converter:Degree is radians,Convert radians to degrees,……
• Data Converters:Bytes by paragraph,Bytes by paragraph,……
• Area Converter:km2 to M2,1Ha to km2,cm2 to M2,……
• Time Converter:Minutes to seconds,Year to second,……
• Energy Converters:Joule,Kwh,……
• Pressure Converters:Atmospheric pressure,Pressure,Thousand PA,Pascal,……
• Volume Converter:Gallon to Qts,Teaspoon,Cup,Rise,Cubic feet,……
• Fuel Converters:Many units,……


Update log:

1.Scientific calculator (when pressed by MoD)。
2.Fuel Converters。
3.Date calculator (between)。
4.Update the language of the translation error。


Release description:

Direct installation can be used



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