Android NetEase Cloud Music APP v6.3.1 Special Crack Edition

NetEase Cloud Music APP is a music app on Android platform。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android Net-Easy Cloud Music APP special crack version has been updated tov6.3.1

NetEase Music is a music product focused on discovery and sharing,Relying on professional musicians、Dj、Friend recommendations and social features,Create a new music life for users。NetEase Yun Music also provides music social itys,Comments such as songs、Acoustic fingerprints、Song list recommendations based on historical playback records、Geographical location recognition, etc.。

Application instructions:

3100 million user recommendations,Word of mouth burst shack music APP!
Listen to the genuine: Cross-Border Song King 2、"Ode to Joy 2" OST、I want to sing with you.、Park Shu full new album and other exclusive source! New Happy Male Voice Copyright。
Professional interpretation,Interviews with thousands of stars、Radio programs、Professional musicians read you weekly on global music dynamics;
Personality Recommendation,Critically acclaimed algorithms,Automatically recommend new songs that interest you,I know you better than you do.;
"Million Siquat",Ultra-full Chinese Europe, America, Europe, Japan and South Korea、Ultra-full music types such as electro-sounding ACG ancient wind,Wide coverage of Jay Chou、Chen Yuxun、Xue Zhiqian、Jj、Faye wong、Li Ronghao、New songs by popular singers such as Deng Ziqi
Star In,Thousands of heavyweight starring、Professional musician、Well-known DJs have been stationed;
Fun Music Review,Unique music review atmosphere in music APP,Reviews super hilarious,3Billions of people listen to music together、Write a review together,Fun segment、Story、Emotion...... Music review sit on the stop;
Hilarious dynamics,Lively and rich music community,Meet like-minded friends and hate late;
Ultra-clear sound quality,Stunning CD sound、First Super Clear;
Host Radio,Music Story、Talk show、Emotional topics,Good shows to share easily。
"Fantastic Song List",Pioneering song list as core architecture,4Billion Songs Gallery,Meet your run、Learn、Job、The need to listen to songs in various scenes such as parties;
There's a problem with the customer service with love,Find 7-by-12-hour customer service。To fight the diagram,Customer service emoticon package does not lose you Oh!

Download NetEase Music,Start a music tour you can't stop!


Update the log:

1. Support for NetEase Red Card、NetEase Platinum Card。NetEase star APP full traffic-free!
2. Other details experience optimization


Version description:(, blue)

Straight Version,Go to the ads.,Upgrade-free,Low memory footprint!
Cracking Member Skin,Free download for all members' exclusive skin
No core crack signature verification required,Direct installation version
Go open the screen to launch the ad,Prohibit notification bar to push songs
Upgrade tips,Prohibit software to detect updates and automatically download new installation packages
Go to the entire Banner area at the top of the daily recommendation page
Go to the left slide bar mall item and slightly change the bottom button layout to make it symmetrical
To set up promotions:Car Bluetooth Player
To set up extraitems:Automatic download of the latest installation package、Music can still play like that.
Go to the page:New updates、Give it a point.,Terms of service and other relevant text
Go to the background push service,Single process consumption 30MB (official dual process takes up 80MB)


Download address: Extract code:8hy8


SVIP free

Members can download all resources for free。Open membership now


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