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PlayerPro Music Player is a music player on Android。PlayerPro Music Player is a elegant、Fast and easy interface,It also has advanced music configuration options。In addition,,It also goes with a lot of "free" hang-up programs.,To meet demand:Many kinds of interface、DSP Sound Plug-in、Gadgets and so on……Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

PlayerPro has elegant、Extreme speed and simple interface,Also has superior audio configuration options。In addition,,It also goes with a lot of "free" hang-up programs.,To meet demand:Many kinds of interface、DSP Sound Plug-in、Gadgets and so on……

Attention:Pro version is a stand-alone application。After you purchase,Please uninstall the trial version。

Key features:

*Can be followed by album name、Performers、Composer、Type、Songs、Play List、Profile folders and album performers to browse and play your favorite music。

*Movie Browsing/Player。

*Bring your music library to life! Album covers can be selected from multiple sources、Performer/Songwriter Photo and Song Feng Illustration,Such as:ID3 label (embedded artwork)、SD card data clip、Photo-book applications and the Internet。

Install a variety of panels,Change the look of the music player interface。

Custom layout,Optional "frame" or "list" view。

See the lyrics of the ID3 label embedded in the music file。

Radio and group tag editing:Title、Album、Performers、Album Performers、Composer、Tracks、Year、Styles、Lyrics、Comments。

Preset mix effects:5 Segment waveform isometers and 15 presets、Stereo Reinforcement、Reverb effect (large recital、Medium-sized concert hall、Plane、Small room、Mid room、Large room)、Bass Enhancement、Volume control。

Free additional DSP plug-ins:High-quality sound (up to 32 bits),384Hertz)、10-segment waveform equivalent with 20 preset/custom presets、Expander、Bass-enhanced control、Stereo Reinforcement、Left and right volume control、Mono output、Seamless playback、Automatic/manual fade、Playback Gain、Audio Limiter。Please go to Settings > Audio Click "Download DSP Sound Plug-in" option to install a free plug-in。

Music statistics and smart playlists:Recent additions、Best rating、Most played、Minimal playback。Create a custom playlist with the Smart List Editor,Many different guidelines are available:Album、Performers、Styles、Title、Play/Skip、Recentplay/New、Rating、Podcast、Length、Year、Path, etc.。All smart lists are automatically updated。

Music playback records and ratings can be remitted or remitted from your favorite desktop music player。

Choose a music folder。

Two screen locking gadgets can be selected from within the custom option:Swipe to unlock、Sound switch、Switch tracks using the volume control keys、Touch Gestures、Background options、Control options、Time display、Interface options…

Choose from 5 Home Gadgets of different sizes (4 x 1、2 X 2、3 Ⅹ 3、4 X 4、4 x 2) 。All gadgets can customize and replace interfaces:6 Different panels、Choose to show performer photos instead of album covers、Rating display options、Random/Replay Control, etc.。

Support status column notifications:Show album covers in status column notifications、Title、Albums and performers、Play/Pause、Fast Forward and Stop Control (ICS only) 。

Support for the most popular SCROBBLER。

Music sleep clock fades out。

Share text messages、Album Cover/Performer Photos to Your Favorite Social Network。

Support for headphone buttons。Self-booking long press、Two-point、Three-point action.。

Support for extensive music media library search。Support for voice search and Google Now voice commands。

Touch gestures:Sliding album cover skips songs,Two-point or long-press pause/continue playback。

The sowing function:Shake your phone to control the next/previous song (e.g.:Shake from top down,Or shake from the bottom up to play the next/previous song)。

……And many other features waiting for you to discover!


Update the log:

– Added support for MusicBee and AIMP system s, Half-star ratings and BOMB/Not Rated Values
– Added cany to import grouping, Bmp, and Comment tag fields from files and use them to build Smart Playlists
– Added ability to export/restore music stats, settings and playlists from phone storage/Google Drive
– Tag editor: added support for Opus and Speex formats + added edition for Grouping, Disc number, BPM, and Rating fields
– Added Romanian, Croatian, and Indonesian translations


Version description:

1、This app has no ads


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