Android video editor AndroVid Pro v3.3.4 Paid direct version

AndroVid Pro is a video editor on Android。The paid direct version of Android Video Editor AndroVid Pro, now available for everyone, has been updatedv3.3.4

AndroVid Pro is a very convenient video editor for many features。AndroVid Pro supports video fine-tuning、Video Merge、Video transcoder、Slide production.、Video and audio mixers and more。

Description of the app:

AndroVid Pro is a very convenient video editor for many features。This makes it simple,Edit your video。

Key features :
*Video Merge:Merge multiple video clips into one video。You can add music。
*Convert your video files to MP3 audio files
*applied like fading,Slow shot,Nostalgia.,Sketch.,Classic video effects
*Video and audio mixers:Music is added to your video。Adjust the video and music volume。
*Image acquisition card:Extract the video frame image at any time in the video。
*Video rotation.:Rotating video (fast rotation without encoding or true rotation encoding)
*Delete the middle part:Remove unwanted parts in the middle of your video。
*Add text to your video
*Play the video clip
*Organize your video (list,Sort,Rename,Delete)
*Video fine-tuning:Trim your videos to remove unwanted parts
*Split your video file into two separate video clips
*Share your video clips and images on Facebook,YouTube, etc。
*Video transcoder:Convert the video to a different format,Change the resolution,Make your video smaller。
*Slide production.:Make a slide show,From your picture,Add fade-in effects and music。


Update the log:

Added Online Featured Music
Added Text Shadow
Improved audio picker
Bug Fixes


Version description:(@balatan)

1、No need for LP or Google Play Moded

2、Disabled/removed unwanted permissions , receivers and services

3、By default,Disable Google Analytics and crash reports in menu settings


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